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Lingam Massage Online Course

This penis massage is designed to inspire both of you to slow down within your intimate meeting, to connect on a deeper level with your lover and to give as much space to vulnerability and healing as well as pleasure and ecstasy.

What you'll receive:

  • 60min guided Lingam Massage (high-quality audio file) 
  • Learn over 15 strokes
  • Receive a 15min audio guide & step by step guidance to prepare for the Lingam Massage 
  • Get our favorite After Glow tips for a beautiful transition 
  • Receive a set of questions to ask each other before & after the Lingam massage to ensure a loving, consensual & transformational space
  • 1# BONUS:: Self-Massage for your lingam (13min audio track)
  • 2# BONUS:: Lingam Masterclass  (Replay) 
This Lingam massage is for you if you want to dedicate 60min to worship, nurture and pleasure your lover's penis like never before.
Learn over 15 different strokes by listening to the high-quality audio file while you massage your partner at the same time. 
You can stop the audio whenever it feels good to you and ideally listen to the instructions via headphones while your partner can fully relax into the strokes of your loving hands.
You will also receive a separate 15min audio guide that both of you can listen to before you start your Lingam Date to make sure that you are set up for a space where the most amount of magic and love can unfold with ease.
We also prepared gentle guidance and a set of questions on how to complete the lingam massage to ensure that you can fully relax into the afterglow of your erotic adventure.
Mhmmmmmm .... are you ready to say YES to more pleasure and this exquisite and erotic adventure? 
With a smile, 
Janie and Fredrik
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1# BONUS:: Self-Massage for your Lingam (13min) 

🍌 13min delicious daily practice for humans with penises
🍌 do our 7-day challenge and celebrate your "NEW" Lingam
🍌 feel more grounded in your body & on this earth
🍌 connect with your balls, massage them & have the connection to your balls to show up fully in your life
🍌 learn how to supercharge your lingam and step into your power
🍌 feel what it is like to embody a quality that you want to connect with throughout your day ... ANYTHING that you need to feel more complete: sensuality, success, kindness, curiosity or passion
🍌 try to make love with a lingam that is connected to your heart and that can penetrate your lover with presence and consciousness

2# BONUS:: Lingam Masterclass

This Lingam Masterclass is for you if:
✨ you are curious about receiving Lingam wisdom from a men's perspective & a woman's perspective
✨ you suffer from erectile dysfunction, habitual masturbation, pre-ejaculation and other ways that your penis does not let you enjoy your (sex) life to the maximum
✨ you want to connect with your Lingam on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level
✨ get an introduction to Lingam Massages
✨ you are a human with a pussy & you want to activate your energetic lingam
✨ you are a couple and you want to get more juicy inspirations for your love life with and without penetration
✨ you struggle to connect sexually with Lingams and you want to gently re-write your narrative around this topic
✨ you want to hear about our lovemaking secrets and how to invite more connection and magical moments

10 reasons why Lingam Massages are so powerful

1. help to slow down and prolong intimacy
2. they can support you in reclaiming your innocence about your penis when receiving innocent touch from your partner
3. brings hormone levels back into more balance
4. they can support the healing journey of the penis
5. for the receiver there is nothing to do and 0% pressure to perform while having all the attention & presence from your partner
6. they can act as a sexual training for the receiver especially when it comes to edging your pleasure and training yourself to keep at an arousal level of 8-9 and then slow down and then go up to 8-9 again for few times
7. the massage can bring more awareness and sensations back into the penis which might have been lost from habitual masturbation that can cause desensitization or numbness in the tissue of the penis
8. the roles during the massage are super clear: the receiver is 100% in receiving mode and the giver 100% in giving mode, which will allow you to fully relax into these two roles ... during lovemaking we often fall into habitual giving and receiving with an additional entanglement of pleasing and feeling pressure to perform
9. Gives opportunity to feel arousal from human touch rather than 2D images/ videos or phantasies
10. possibility to completely surrender and let go
Are you ready to gift your partner the most beautiful present!?
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