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Aurora :: 2 Bodywork Session to lighten up your entire being


Imagine you could shine like the night sky covered in tiny stars and northern lights dancing around the universe. How would it make you feel to finally get out of your mind and more and more into your body?   

We will co-create the bodywork session to your needs, your desires and your boundaries in alignment with our's.

We will go as slow as your nervous system is capable to relax into the unknown, the uncomfortable, the shameful, the triggers and the traumas. 

We will give your body and nervous system so much love, acceptance and space to explore, play, heal and purify from the past for you to be able to tap into your highest relaxation and pleasure potential so you can shine more than ever before. 


What you'll get:

  • 2 sessions on a weekly/forth-nightly or monthly basis
  • up to 90min each
  • Focus: Gentle & Nurturing Bodywork (Yoni/ Vulva or Lingam / Penis can be included)
  • Boundaries: No internal bodywork, no fluid exchange, more details about boundaries before the session & during our check-in call
  • Bodyworker: You can make a request who you want to have the session with and we will decide if that will be possible after our initial check-in call


  • 15min Check-in after each session via Whatsapp (or alternative)
  • Free access to our Yoni Massage Online Course (value of 199 Euro)

Thank you for your trust! 

With love, 

Janie and Fredrik 

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What People Are Saying:

I had a private session with Janie and Fredrik. Not 1:1, but 2:1. That dynamic was amazing! They complete each other and you see and feel that in the session. They use different skills & practices. Not only do they work with your mind, but also your body sensations, your voice, and your subconsciousness. So the feeling and growth can really integrate.

Marleen I Coaching & Bodywork Session

I have had massages with happy endings and I have been with prostitutes and other kind of sex workers but this bodywork session was something completely different. This moment in time had nothing to do with sex, getting hard or ejaculating. This was about pure human connection. From the bottom of my cock I thank you.

Sebastian I Bodywork Session including genital touch

Janie and Fredrik are a match made in heaven and they bring both vulnerability and strength to the session and they manage to create a safe space where you are allowed to connect to who you really are. I will be forever grateful to them.

Paul I Bodywork Session

It's been an amazing journey since the Yoni Massage and I am extremely grateful that I could have this beautiful experience with Janie. She made me feel safe, felt exactly what I needed and guided me so soft and gently through an extremely delicate and vulnerable process. So for that, I thank you with my whole heart

Hannah I Yoni Massage Ritual