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You have started your journey. This was just the beginning!

We are inviting you on a delicious & erotic adventure with your partner. Join our 7 pre-recorded tantric dates that will transform your intimate relationship for the rest of your life. Reignite as passionate lovers, deepen your connection, explore sacred sexuality, vulnerability, ridiculous amounts of pleasure, orgasmic bliss and sooo much fun!!

You also get access to two 60min online couples coaching sessions with Janie and Fredrik, where we will dive deep into your relationship and focus on your personal journey.  You get to spend quality time with 2 experienced couples coaches for professional support around any topic relating communication, intimacy, sexuality or trauma as well as  invaluable inspiration for your love life. 

Join our 7 Tantric Dates Online Course

Fall in love again & again

Stretch your love muscles beyond anything you every thought possible. Learn communication and relationship tools that will empower you to deepen your connection with your partner forever more and create a life together that you both desire

Explore and Enjoy your Sex Life

With every tantric date we will take you on an erotic adventure based on heart-opening intimacy practices. Rewrite your bedroom story in the most orgasmic and blissful way. Re-ignite your spark and be inspired by new ways of connecting

Dive deeper into Tantra

Tantra opens up many opportunities to get to know yourself more intimately. At the same time you will be able to explore body sensations & spiritual realms with your partner through pleasure and vulnerability that will blow your mind away 


This is your chance to take your relationship and love life to the next level. Simply join our 7 Tantric Dates - Online Course for 895 Euros 


Outline of the

7 Tantric Dates -Online Course


You can do the online course in your own time and flow. Every date is pre-recorded and easy to follow along.

1st Tantric Date: Conscious Communication 
2nd Tantric Date: Conscious Touch 
3rd Tantric Date: Tantric Sex 
4th Tantric Date: Connection& Vulnerability 
5th Tantric Date: Sacred Sexuality

6th Tantric Date: Conscious Kink 
7th Tantric Date: Orgasmic Breathwork

More then just an another online course ... 

  • learn relationship and communication tools that you will benefit from for the rest of your life 
  • have access to 2 expert couples coaches 
  • 100% money back guarantee within the first 2 weeks of purchase 


Here is what couples have said about the 7 Tantric Dates - Online Course. No matter if they have been married for over 20 years years, have 3 children or just started a new relationship...this online course will take you to the next level of pleasure, intimacy and love! 

Niene & Max

“You are about to go on an exciting and playful journey with many moments of deep connection to yourself and your partner discovering your desires, boundaries and vulnerability. This online course will shine a completely new light onto your intimacy and sexuality wrapped in so much love."

Rebecca & Nicklas

"We want to share our deepest gratitude for this course. What a blessing it has been for our 15 year marriage. It has been so empowering for us to go on the tantric dates. We went away for a weekend and for the first time it has been love from the beginning instead of having arguments. We and the kids are so grateful!"


Mathias & Jenny

“Denna kurs har varit en räddare i nöden för ett trött småbarnspar. Vi har känt fantastiska ögonblick av närhet och sårbarhet med varandra tack vare Fredrik och Janies guidning. Det har varit veckans höjdpunkt och något som påverkar relationen positivt däremellan. Vi ser fram emot fler kurser. ”

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Never be alone in you relationship struggles again. Have access to 7 tantric dates for hours of connection and turn to expert couples coaches while creating your dream relationship.